2011 things . . . (week 1)

February 02, 2011

My 2011 challenge: week 1. Each week I’ll be posting things I’m thankful for. Read more about it here.

1. my family
2. God’s love
3. strawberry cupcakes
4. snowdays
5. lemons and honey in hot water (I’m slightly addicted to this)
6. google
7. friends bringing you soup when you’re sick
8. the smell of lilac
9. waking up with a ton of energy
10. a productive day
11. this fabulous soup at the Germantown Cafe
12. sound advice
13. stories that inspire me
14.  a quenched thirst
15. thrift store find: 2 silver bracelets
16. my BFF, Lulu
17. mechanical pencils
18. a good eraser that doesn’t leave smudges
19. clean water
20. a calm tummy
21. my cupcake flannel pj bottoms
22. snow scrappers
23.  my camera
24. being able to see
25. being able to hear
26. my new ipod
27. checking off your “to do” list
28. cozy socks
29. a supportive family
30. Mondays that don’t feel like Mondays
31. bear hugs
32. working heat, especially on cold days
33. colored pencils
34. the view from my living room
35. peaceful days
36. good hair days
37. sweet pea and violet soap
38. watching the snow fall in the middle of the night
39. the invention of the Christmas ornament box organizer
40. the dishwasher
41. reunions with old friends
42. new lamp
43. an organized pantry
44. my new fabric line, Izzy Flannel
45. surviving car accident
46. my facebook fans
47. my blog fans
48. clean, crisp sheets
49. a quiet neighbor
50. trying a new restaurant and discovering it ROCKS!!!
51. the greeters at the gym
52. authentic people
53. air purifiers
54. a good book that you just can’t put down
55. spending the New Year with my sister
56. alarm clocks that gently awake you
57. birds perched on the telephone line
58. color combination: gray + yellow
59. my loft
60. fulfilled dreams

(photos by Ann Kelle)

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  1. I love this Ann!! I got this gratitude book (http://www.amazon.com/Gratitude-Journal-Catherine-Price/dp/081186720X) for Christmas and can’t wait to re-read it at the end of the year. I’m also reading the book, One Thousand Gifts, which is pointed toward thankfulness and gratitude to live our fullest life.

    Happy Day!

  2. kelle says:

    Thanks Andrea! I’ll have to check those books out. Thanks for the tip!