2011 things . . . (week 28)

August 11, 2011

Each week I’ll be posting things I’m thankful for. Read more about it here.
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1281. celtic braided hair
1282. fun list pads
1283. cellphones with good coverage
1284. ring around the rosie
1285. surviving the down pour of rain
1286. getting totally drenched (from head to toe), but not being terribly mad
1287. whistling
1288. eating at Houston’s in Atlanta
1289. being able to share my story with others
1290. Orla Kiely pencils
1291. encouraging others
1292. my mom and sister going to Georgia with me
1293. going to bed early on Saturday
1294. Aunt Laura’s squash
1295. having a hair appointment after getting caught in a storm . . . maybe this is why I wasn’t mad (see #1286)
1296. seeing my brother for 2 days in a row
1297. people who are hospitable
1298. feeling supported and warm comments from readers
1299. prayers from readers
1300. finding a paper clip bent in a heart shape
1301. dependence on God
1302. watching my Dad play on his new Ipad
1303. Elias’s train party
1304. The Barefoot Contessa
1305. new paper store in Green Hills
1306. visiting with my aunt Margaret
1307. the smell of acrylic paint
1308. hearing my Mom say she’s proud of me
1309. paper cutters
1310. organized work spaces
1311. having an extra printer ink cartridge
1312. fairness
1313. cool business cards
1314. clean counters
1315. computer techies
1316. having the editing done for a video just in time
1317. songwriters
1318. a good start of the school year for my sister
1319. rose buds
1320. open doors

(photo by Ann Kelle)

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