2011 things . . . (week 31)

September 08, 2011

Each week I’ll be posting things I’m thankful for. Read more about it here.
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1401. socks to warm my feet
1402. rain that ceases
1403. seeing the sunset on Monday
1404. taking Labor Day off . . . it was so, so relaxing
1405. watching old family home videos
1406. laughing until I cried
1407. a rainbow in the sky
1408. my Mom’s hand-cut french fries
1409. my brother driving for me
1410. having the perfect 3-day weekend
1411. Dad grilling in the rain for us (and not complaining)
1412. lunch with my Grandma and 3 of my aunties
1413. Velda’s humor
1414. turning the air conditioner off
1415. finding a striped shirt from my Mom’s favorite store
1416. needing to wear a jacket outside at night
1417. watching a break dance performance
1418. free events in the city
1419. getting home safely while driving in the rain
1420. walking to the folk festival
1421. room temperature water
1422. seeing old friend, Gabi
1423. kettle corn popcorn
1424. shopping with my favorite people (minus 1 person)
1425. sharing stories
1426. church on Sunday
1427. surprise fabric samples
1428. when someone keeps you from walking in a puddle of water
1429. ziploc bags
1430. a short line at Pancake Pantry
1431. saved drafts of designs
1432. preparing food ahead of time and eating it later
1433. finishing a book
1434. a neighbor who asked to help carry in the groceries
1435. my favorite Clare Coyle Taylor print . . . she gave me this as a gift!
1436. finding out a book tour is coming to Nashville!
1437. sitting in the grass and not getting itchy
1438. the five dollar movie bin
1439. the garbage disposal
1440. a clean microwave

(photo by Ann Kelle)

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  1. kristina says:

    Another great list, Kelle!
    P.S. I have those socks! 😉

    Hugs! Happy Thursday!