2011 things . . . (week 37)

October 20, 2011

Each week I’ll be posting things I’m thankful for. Read more about it here.
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1641. getting new film releases at Red Box
1642. the sound of rain outside
1643. when time is slow
1644. the juice bar at Whole Foods
1645. challenges that make you grow
1646. people who use their hands when they talk
1647. reading through journals from the past
1648. being reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness
1649. big stud earrings
1650. the many flavors and colors of jelly bellies . . . still trying to decide my favorite
1651. lounge pants that are super soft on the inside
1652. the day my little brother was born
1653. carrot ginger dressing (another recipe mastered!)
1654. finding my lost cell phone
1655. hand drawn fonts
1656. music that inspires
1657. seeing my friend happy
1658. vases for flowers
1659. splinters removed pain free
1660. log cabins with wrap around porches
1661. memories of holding my baby brother for the first time
1662. a swing on the porch
1663. long, hot baths
1664. coming inside after being in cold rain
1665. diffusing emotional fumes
1666. those learning to trust again
1667. fixing my glasses
1668. satchel bags to carry books
1669. the sole of my running shoes
1670. Thursdays
1671. completing something I thought would be really hard
1672. pumpkin farms with happy children
1673. drinking with a straw
1674. lined wool pants
1675. nicknames for loved ones
1676. being able to walk
1677. polished shoes
1678. being present . . . in whatever moment is at hand
1679. change
1680. believing in love

(photo by Ann Kelle)

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