2011 things . . . (week 38)

October 27, 2011

Each week I’ll be posting things I’m thankful for. Read more about it here.
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1681. smooth paths
1682. windows to let the light in
1683. pretty little bowls
1684. fields of flowers
1685. welcoming banter from strangers
1686. deep breaths, followed by long exhales
1687. being alive
1688. being able to put my hair in a ponytail
1689. singing in the car
1690. cow bells
1691. the people that bag your groceries
1692. a considerate person
1693. watching the birds perched outside my bedroom window
1694. bad news followed by AWESOME news
1695. storage
1696. having a spring in your step
1697. mom’s lovingly holding their child’s hand while crossing the street
1698. finding a new, favorite sushi spot . . . Samurai Sushi (in Elliston place)
1699. honest sales persons
1700. safety on the interstate
1701. being able to help
1702. a clear night sky
1703. reading a good book
1704. easy crossword puzzles
1705. a $10 dollar chair reupholstered
1706. stickers
1707. ribbons on packages
1708. crisp-ironed shirt
1709. the sun shining on my face
1710. getting out of the stuck elevator
1711. calming down after being in the stuck elevator
1712. having money to pay my bills
1713. sweet nursery music
1714. cracking an egg without getting the egg shell in the bowl
1715. catching your favorite episode from an old show on tv
1716. new horizons
1717. crossing things off my to-do list
1718. cheerleaders of life
1719. watching competitive gymnastics
1720. the smell of a cake baking

(photos by Ann Kelle)

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