2011 things . . . (week 40)

November 10, 2011

Each week I’ll be posting things I’m thankful for. Read more about it here.
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1761. pretty belts
1762. family time
1763. drawer organizers
1764. one of my mom’s students wearing a shirt made out of my fabric!
1765. outside terraces with lots of seating
1766. doors that open automatically
1767. pretty light fixtures
1768. people with multiple musical talents
1769. soft carpets
1770. flower accesories
1771. choices
1772. healthy breakfasts
1773. the sweet sound of a newborn baby’s cry . . . melts my heart
1774. talking on the phone with my brother for over an hour
1775. exterminators!!!
1776. warm embraces
1777. Allie’s sweet voice
1778. finding my lost wallet
1779. spontaneous lunch dates
1780. my grandfather’s laugh
1781. layering my clothes
1782. the cheerfulness of the color yellow
1783. recycled bottles
1784. an extra hour of sleep
1785. being proactive
1786. events that start on time
1787. pac man
1788. Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks and I can “officially” start listening to Christmas music
1789. covered parking during the rain
1790. Kristina‘s sweet comments
1791. laughter over sadness
1792. Drumline at the symphony
1793. washing my face after running
1794. sitting by a water foundation during the evening
1795. quinoa blondies
1796. multivitamins
1797. being surrounded by people who are sick and not getting sick
1798. elephants
1799. tea cups and lace gloves
1800. dreams that come true

(photos by Ann Kelle)

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  1. kristina says:

    Aw, I made the list! How sweet! Thank you, friend!
    Once again – love your list. I just bought a scarf at Target in that mustardy belt color. LOVE it! Sending you hugs! Have a beautiful day!

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