2011 things . . . (week 45)

December 15, 2011

I can NOT believe I made it to 2,000 things. Only 11 more to go. I’m doing a happy dance. What a year! For first time visitors, I’ve spent the past year compiling a list of 2,011 things I’m thankful for. Read more about it here. (Week 1Week 5Week 10Week 15Week 20Week 25Week 35Week 40)

1961. ink washing off my hands easily
1962. my sister bringing up my Christmas tree over the weekend
1963. freebies at the store
1964. happiness
1965. watching my beloved Emmet Otter with a friend and they loved it
1966. Christmas shopping at night . . . the stores are so quiet and empty:)
1967. dollhouses
1968. chain necklaces
1969. adventure
1970. the piano
1971. taking a part the garbage disposal and putting it back together
1972. Christmas parties with friends
1973. learning not to be easily offended
1974. a yellow wall
1975. finishing all of my Christmas shopping
1976. silence after being in a noisy room
1977. Nat King Cole’s Christmas album
1978. a break from the cold and rainy weather
1979. cooking two meals at one time
1980. photo editing software
1981. God is faithful
1982. pink Christmas trees
1983. the children’s section of a book store
1984. green tea mints
1985. blowing bubbles with your gum
1986. my cousins
1987. contagious joy
1988. fancy frocks
1989. small challenges that stretch you
1990. friendly hellos
1991. a pancake breakfast
1992. soft peppermint sticks
1993. 10 days till Christmas
1994. people who give their 100% at a job they dislike
1995. pecans
1996. nurses
1996. not having to share a bathroom
1997. hand painted pottery
1998. small challenges
1999. working my tail off to win this shirt at the gym
2000. finding 2,000 things to be thankful for

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