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November 04, 2013


quilt_market / ann kelle

Quilt Market was so great! The Robert Kaufman team did a superb job. Someone said my booth was like stepping inside my blog. And it really was. The white and chalkboard walls were the perfect backdrop to all the color that filled the space. My logo was even in pink! There was a settee made out of my new chevron metallic. It was so pretty, I didn’t want to sit on it. Many of the projects that were featured in the booth are free tutorials I’ve shared on my blog. But, there were many other new projects included and I’ve included a list at the end of this blog post. Some, such as the Remixed Geese quilt, will be coming soon. I’m so appreciative to everyone who helped with my booth from setup to sewing samples to tearing down the booth at the end. And it was such a treat hugging and talking with those in the quilt community. Enjoy the pictures!

quilt_market / ann kelle

This quilt was featured on the wall outside my booth. I first saw the Remixed Geese quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting. So, I was excited that we included this quilt in the booth. It was so, so awesome how Elisabeth combined my Remix prints with Kona solids. The quilting, by Angela Walters, was quite exceptional. I stood there and in awe for quite some time.

quilt_market / ann kelle


This metallic chevron settee is one-of-a-kind! It was so dreamy. And even though I have a pixelated heart quilt made by Kelly, I wanted to take this one home with me.
quilt_market / ann kelle

The little tipi was so cute in the booth. And there was faux fire inside  . . . you guys, it even crackled!

quilt_market / ann kelle

I put together the art collage walls for the booth. My studio has a growing collection of art + inspiration, so it was fun re-creating this for the booth.

quilt_market / ann kelle

This snapshot quilt was SUPER adorable. Many people asked if it was a panel, but it’s an actual quilt.

quilt_market / ann kelle

I totally need a pair of footsies this year. Everyone needs a pair of footsies.

quilt_market / ann kelle

quilt_market / ann kelle Here’s a close-up of the pixelated heart quilt. I tried to take a picture so you could see the detail of the quilting by Angela Walters.

quilt market / ann kelle

Such a fun lunch bag. Pattern by Sew Sweetness.

quilt_market / ann kelle
A special thanks to everyone who helped! Here are links to the tutorials:

*Pixelated Heart made by Kelly Bowser / quilted by Angela Waters / pattern by Blue Elephant Stitches
Peas and Corn Lunch bag pattern by Sew Sweetness
*Tipi by Ramona Rose (free pattern soon)
*Kites pattern made by Liberty Worth of Merit Quilts / pattern by The Craft Junky
*Cloud pillows made by Liberty Worth of Merit Quilts / free pattern by The Craft Junky
Drawstring bag by Silly Mama Quilts
*Pencil case made by Janice Ryan / free pattern by Silly Mama Quilts
*Composition notebook cover by Silly Mama Quilts
*Raincoat and umbrella by Ramona Rose
*Flannel footsie by Ramona Rose
*Super Kids Snapshot by Nichole Ramirez / quilted by Liz Hansen of Sew Modern
*Remixed Geese made by Elisabeth Woo / quilted by Angela Waters / pattern by Kitchen Table Quilting

* = Free pattern

(photos by Kelle)

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    loved it all!!

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    Love your booth, it looks like fun!

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