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December 06, 2016

ann kelle designs
We’re in full holiday mode over here! There’s so many awesome ideas for gift toppers. From pom poms to paper honeycomb toppers or even gumdrops, there’s a lot of great way to decorate your presents. Today I have a super easy DIY paper bow template to share with you.  All you need is a printer, scissors, adhesive/stapler and card stock paper. Find the instructions below.

ann kelle owl santas
I had wrapping paper printed with my designs:)

ann kelle christmas DIY paper bows by ann kelle

Use patterned card stock or contrasting paper for additional uniqueness to you bow.

ann kelle wrapping paper

DIY paper bows by ann kelle DIY paper bows by ann kelle
ann kelle owl santas
Bow Template Instructions:
1. Download bow template.
2. Load colored card stock into printer.
3. Print bow template and cutout.
4. To assemble the bow, start with the “body” of the bow. Bend the “right tab” to the center. (Do not fold. Just slightly bend.) Repeat for the left tab. Staple, tape or glue the tabs to the “center” of the bow. Tape the “bow center-strip” to the center of the bow. Add the bow tags to the back of the bow.

(photos by Kelle)

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