diy party hats and horns

November 07, 2017

There’s always a reason for a celebration. Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, milestone or just surviving the week! I made a bunch of colorful printable party hats and horn to accompany your next party. They come if all sorts of colors! Find the links to the printables below.


Printable Party Hats Instructions:

  1. Download the printable party hats here.
  2. Print party hats on card stock paper
  3. Cut out party hats
  4. Fold flap along the line and secure with adhesive to other side of party hat
  5. Add a yarn pom pom to the top using an adhesive

Printable Party Horns Supplies:


  1. Print out party horns and cut out. Fold tissue paper and cut a block  approximately 4.2 inches wide (same width of the bottom of the party horn).
  2. Cut fringe out of tissue paper. I left a small section on the top of the tissue paper un-fringed.
  3. Place party horn cutout on top of fringed tissue paper
  4. Tape or glue tissue paper to party horn
  5. Trim excess tissue paper from horn around the sides.
  6. Roll paper and glue horn closed. Take store bought party horn and place printable horn in plastic horn section.

(photos by Kelle)

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