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January 19, 2012

Snuggle up, baby. I want . . . no I NEED one of these. My Dad got my Mom this awesome throw-blanket-thingy that quickly became my favorite blanket to snuggle under over the holidays. But, I am 100% confident this blanket it better. Plus, it has pink in it.

(Owl blankets by Janae)

posted by kelle at 9:01 am
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  1. Donna says:

    Dear Ann,
    Can u please tell me how to sew this binding on to the flannel fabric , each and every time I try It looks like something from , well lets say it this way not from this, place . LOL
    Mainly when u need to fold the fabric to get the look that u have , PLEASE HELP ME OUT

  2. Laurie Taylor says:

    Love the owls!!!!

  3. kelle says:

    Hi Donna, I’m going to email you. Kelle