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November 06, 2012

hot pad / ann kelle

Sewing. And lots of it. I started taking sewing classes a couple weeks ago. You may remember my sewing teacher moved. Then I moved. And then things got busy. But, I decided to start taking classes again. I had high hopes that my grandmother’s sewing gene was passed on to me, but sadly they’re still lying dormant.  I’m not completely hopeless, though. I did manage to make this little hot pad and some other things. And I’m still full of hope that any minute I’ll turn into a super great sewer. In anticipation of this, I even created  a long list of things I’d like to make. On top of that my Mama said she’d like me to sew her Christmas gift this year. Say what? I think my eyes popped out when she said that.

hot pad / ann kelle

Some things I learned in class:
– a sewing machine that works properly is a requirement.
– rotary cutters are your friend. you need them to cut things straight.
– sewing with boring fabric isn’t as fun as sewing with fun fabric.

hot pad / ann kelle

(photo by Kelle)

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  1. Leona says:

    Happy bright fabric makes me happy when I sit down to sew. I hated sewing in school but now a million years later it’s what keeps me going when things are stressful.

  2. shelly says:

    keep up the good work, kelle! once you get super duper confident in your skills {which, obviously you have plenty of}….sewing gets to be pretty addictive:)

    I was so excited to shop for fabric today to make my little boy & girl a pair of “matching” holiday pajamas….I can not wait for the snuggly flannel to be out if the dryer so I can get cutting. It is the BEST feeling to sneak in a break from “work” to sew something for them. I may even have to sew up a mama pair of flannel pj pants!

    happy sewing!

    p.s. my daughter told me last week she needed me to make her a new bike basket…so lets hurry up and get that “girlfriends” fabric to the stores:)

    • kelle says:

      Thanks, Shelly. You’re right, as my confidence increases, the more I want to sew. I’d love to see the bike basket. You always make the cutest things!

  3. Helen LeBrett says:

    Good for you!! In our family the sewing gene skipped a generation, so maybe you’ll get your grandma’s after all!! 🙂 I did have to spend many hours with teachers too (mine were in school), but I think the sewing gene means that you will LIKE sewing, not that you will be perfect at it at first. So keep doing it: once you get good at it you are then free to love it!