HANDMADE HOLIDAYS {coffee cup huggie}

December 16, 2011

Name: Coffee Cup Huggie
Gift for: Teachers, daycare workers, dog walkers, or people who like to take a regular mug and make it happy!
Fabrics Used: Red, Black, Yellow (Summer), Lime Dots from Remix
Pattern: Free pattern available here (updated 12.19/11)

The last project from the Handmade Holidays series is actually the first project we came up with. I sat down with a teacher and asked them what kind of gifts they’d like to receive. I found out that teacher’s love them some coffee. I know one teacher who actually has her own little coffee maker in her room. Her teacher-friends come by her room to get fresh coffee on breaks and such. (I’m not telling you who, but she’s known me my entire life and loves Prince. Any guesses?).  Anyhow. So, how about a coffee cup huggie for the teacher who loves coffee?

Although I like the huggie’s best without any embellishment, the decorative trim makes it a little flirty, which I dig.

After you’ve sewn up your little huggie, put together an cool gift box of coffee goodies. I tried each and every one of these items that are pictured and can vouch for their awesomeness. Here are some ideas (from left to right)  . . .
1.  Espresso truffles. Chocolate and coffee, need I say more?
2. White chocolate pretzels . . . the perfect blend of salty and sweet
3. Gift cards are always nice. All my teacher friends love these!
4.  A bag of coffee
5. Herbal Tea bags. Some prefer tea instead of coffee. So, you can always get a variety of herbal tea  in place of the coffee.
6. Creamers. Creamers come in all sorts of flavors. You could also get syrups like vanilla or caramel.
7. Honey Sticks. I used to carry honey sticks in my purse when I was on my tea-kick. They’re convenient and mess-free.
8. Chocolate cover espresso beans (the best for last). I tasted these for the first time and love them . . . I think they made me a bit hyper though.

(photos by Ann Kelle)

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  1. so cute! I have been working on a coffee cozy too. Love your pom poms!

  2. karen says:

    Those little coffee cozy’s are so cute and fun