hello, friday

April 04, 2014

hooray balloon / ann kelle

Every week I share things I’m thankful for in a column called “Hello, Friday.” Whether it’s a list, a story or a picture, always at the heart of it is thankfulness.

- my best friend. we’ve been friends for about 18 years and she is one of the greatest persons I’ve ever known.

- shelter from the storm

- new songs that bring joy to your heart

- quiet alone time with God

- surrender

- the beach. it’s beginning to call my name and I’m trying to figure out how to get there.

- my new fabric samples arrived!

- feeling better, after not feeling so good

- integrity

(pop-up balloon messages by Studio DIY)

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  1. Laurie says:

    Yay! New fabric samples! And the beach…. don’t think that’s going to happen for me for a while now that I am in CO….. Have a great weekend!

    • kelle says:

      Thanks, Laurie! Hope you’re enjoying your new city. I hear there’s so many wonderful things to do out there!

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