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September 20, 2013

go play outside / ann kelle

Happy Friday! This week I stepped away from the computer a bit . . . well, kinda. I took a break from daily blog reading, pinterest, instagram, etc. ¬†They didn’t do anything wrong. There were several reasons, which I won’t bore you with. But, let me say, BOY does my mind feel more clear. (Although, I also cleaned up my eating. And I started drinking water like it’s nobody’s business). So, maybe all of that combined together has left me in a good head space. Whatever the reason is, I’m putting this on repeat for next week. It also left a lot more time to play outside the house, which is always a great thing. Have an awesome weekend! Here are some of the things I’m especially thankful for this week:

– focus
– feeling refreshed
– a new hair routine that’s left my hair more bouncy hair
– flea markets
– goodness and kindness
– people who see the bright side of a bad situation
– perseverance

(Go Play Outside print by Jump Off The Page)

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