hello, friday

January 10, 2014

you are awesome / ann kelle

{Every week I share things I’m thankful for in a column called “Hello, Friday.” Whether it’s a list, a story or a picture, always at the heart of it is thankfulness.}

How has your new year been? There’s something in the air about 2014 that has left me giddy and full of excitement. Here are some things I’m thankful for:
– spending time with my family over the holidays
– insight + wisdom
– not letting not-so-good news ruin the holidays
– a spontaneous road trip
– a super, duper New Year day
– those that share joy
– taking time to celebrate those you love
– awe inspiring nature
– newness

(You Are Awesome print by Inspire Lovely)

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  1. Brooke says:

    Happy New Year!!

  2. kelle says:

    Happy New Year, Brooke!