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May 02, 2014

ferris wheel / ann kelle

Every week I share things I’m thankful for in a column called “Hello, Friday.” Whether it’s a list, a story or a picture, always at the heart of it is thankfulness.

This week was a roller coaster of a week. Full of highs and lows. Some weeks are like that. I hope you are good, safe and happy.  Amongst all that was going on this week, here are some things I’m thankful for:

– celebrating with my Mama on her birthday. She’s such a good Mom.

– safety while traveling in the storm.  

– Someone overheard me talking to my Aunt Margaret. When I got on the elevator to leave, she said “A good friend is hard to find.”  I  smiled and told her she was actually my aunt. She replied “well, you’ve got two in one.”  She’s right and those are a blessing.

– bear hugs

answered prayers . . . over and over again

– God’s assurance

(photo found here)

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  1. Susan in OK says:

    What a blessing to have an aunt and a friend in one. My mother and father were each only children and so I had no aunts or uncles or close cousins. God bless you that you recognize your blessings. Many of us take our blessings for granted and forget that they are not to be taken for granted. New mercies every day!