paper for dad

September 13, 2010


Awhile back Tiny Prints asked me to design some men’s stationery. It was a neat request for me because I usually design things that are more girly. (Have you noticed I like pink and flowers?). When I sat down to design the stationery, I started thinking about my dad’s swanky collection of ties. Growing up, he would wear ¬†all sorts of ties . . . stripes, paisley, dots, etc. (Confession: In recent years past, I would take some of his old ties and wear them as belts and headbands.) Needless to say, I had a lot of fun designing this collection. I recently noticed that my dad was writing letters on an old gray notepad. (Yes, he’s pretty old school and still writes people letters). I started thinking “He inspired a whole collection of men’s stationery. He shouldn’t have to write on boring paper. He should have something pretty to write on.” So, I ordered him a set. Writing on paper should be fun. Don’t you think?

{photo by Ann Kelle}

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