snapshots from americasmart

January 17, 2012

I had a good time at AmericasMarts (with the exception of getting a headache that has lasted for four days. no fun).  I attended some great seminars, ran into friends, and ate good food. While walking the show, I was  surprised to see several exhibitors were there with products made from my fabric. I saw nap mats, dresses, baby blankets, play blocks, and much more.  Totally unexpected. I wasn’t able to take pictures of everything, like Bitsy (who’s booth was beautiful) and Swankie Blanket. But, here are a couple of products I took pictures of. It’s always fun seeing what people are making with my fabric.

(Links for snapshots: Bib by Ella Jean, Pocket bib by Infantissma, Hand cushion by Padalilly, and Reusable snack bags by Itzy Ritzy)

(iphone photos by Ann Kelle)

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  1. kristina says:

    So glad you had a good time! Hoping that headache is gone stat! BIG hugs, Kelle!

  2. kelle says:

    Thanks, Kristina! It’s gotten better. Stay dry in this rainy weather.

  3. Robin Riggs says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the Ella Jean pic/link!

    I’m not surprised that you saw LOTS of products using your designs… they are fabulous!

    I’m always looking forward to seeing your next designs. I’m sure I’ll continue using them in my product line!

  4. Itzy Ritzy says:

    Thanks for the shout out Kelle and for the super cute prints! xo, Itzy Ritzy