it’s pajama day!

April 16, 2015

pajamaday/ annkelle

Happy┬áNational Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day. My cozy flannel Urban Zoologie bottoms were made just for this special occasion! (Thank you, Amanda!) When I first started working for home, I made the decision to get dressed everyday. So, there’s no wearing my pjs to work around here. (Although on Saturdays, sometimes I work in my pjs. But, it’s Saturday and that doesn’t count, at least not in my head.) We used my Urban Zoologie mini foxes for my bottoms. This fabric makes really comfy lounge pants. We rounded up a couple of pj sewing tutorials (see below). Remember, these lounge bottoms I made out of my owls? It was one of my first sewing projects.

pajama day/ annkelle

pajamaday/ annkelle

Pajama Pants Sewing Tutorials:
“Lounge in Style” via
“Christmas Eve Pjama Pants” by My Cotton Creations
“Sew a Pair of Pajama Pants” by What Does She Do All Day
“Comfy Fit Lounge Pants Tutorial” by iCandy Handmade

(photos by Lulu)

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  1. kristin says:

    You look adorable in your PJ pants. I love those “minis”! And I LOVE your work space–it’s so “Ann Kelle”! ; )