christmas in july: stocking tutorial

July 20, 2012

I hope you all have enjoyed the “Christmas in July” series featuring my Jingle and holiday Remix fabric. A huge thanks to all the awesome sewers and quilters who participated. On Monday, I have a special treat  for you guys. Until then, have a great weekend! — Kelle

christmas in july: stocking tutorial

The final tutorial in the “Christmas in July” series is a stocking tutorial.  This tutorial is really very easy.  We’re practically “winging it”! — Anna Joy from The Joy Cottage


– Ann Kelle’s Jingle Fabric Line cut into 2.5″ strips.  Length will be determined.
– Old stocking
– Batting, fabric for quilting, and fabric for back of stocking that is the size of your old stocking plus 2+ inches bigger
– 3 inches of ribbon or ric-rac

How To Make:

christmas in july: stocking tutorial

1. You’re going to lay out your strips.  For my stocking, I needed 9 strips cut 2.5″ wide.  I used 9 different fabrics from Ann Kelle’s new line, Jingle.

christmas in july: stocking tutorial

2. Then I laid them down diagonally to see how they would position and then snipped off the strip.  I made sure there was at least an inch of extra fabric for the stocking before cutting it off.  We need the extra room to trace around the stocking and then to cut it out.

3.  Sew the strips together.

christmas in july: stocking tutorial

4.  You’re going to use your old stocking to trace. Add 1/4″ space while you’re tracing.

5.  Cut it out and quilt it.

christmas in july: stocking tutorial

6.  Cut out the fabric for the back using the front piece of the stocking you just quilted.

7.  Pin it right sides together and sew it around, leaving the top open.

8.  Clip curves and corners and turn it right side out.

9.  Fold the opening of your stocking down at least 1/4″.  Top stitch down.

christmas in july: stocking tutorial

10.  Use a ribbon or ric-rac and sew it down to your stocking on the side.

11.  You’re done!

(photos by The Joy Cottage)

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  1. Kristy says:

    Super cute!!!!

  2. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    OH wonderful! I think this might be the stocking I’ve been waiting for!