inspiration / retrosno food truck

August 03, 2015

sno cones at nashville's original shaved ice truck / ann kelle

I like to draw from my childhood for inspiration when designing. But,  I find inspiration from all around. I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that inspire me, such as this little food truck I visited last week. I’ve been wanting to try the shaved ice at Retro Sno for awhile. But, it’s been sooooo hot here in Nashville that I have been avoiding being outside (except when I’m swimming). We got a break in the humidity and the temps were a bit milder the other day, so I ventured out to the Retro Sno truck after lunch one day. (Milder weather also meant I was FINALLY able to wear my Rainbow Remix shoreline boatneck top). Retro Snow is a shaved ice truck here in Nashville. Their menu is full of interesting combinations, like the Sour Grape + Gummies (yes, as in Gummi bears!) or Raspberry Wedding Cake.  I got the Strawberry Lemonade.  It was a refreshing little summer treat. Next time, I think I’ll be a bit more adventurous and try one of their stuffed snow balls (they have a scoop of ice cream at the bottom). You can also build your own snow ball, which sounds fun.  Their little food truck is so cute and seeing all the different combinations of snowballs, left me with lots of inspiration and a nice afternoon treat. If you’re in Nashville, stay up to date to where the Retro Sno truck will be here.

sno cones at nashville's original shaved ice truck / ann kelle sno cones at nashville's original shaved ice truck / ann kelle sno cones at nashville's original shaved ice truck / ann kelle

(top three photos by Lulu / bottom photo via Retro Sno)

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the girl friends / at the beach

July 31, 2015

girl friends at the beach / ann kelle

(This year I’m sharing monthly illustrations of The Girl Friends.  See all of them here:  January / February / March / April / May / June)

The girls headed to the beach for my July illustration of the “Girl Friends”! Swim, surf, build sandcastles, play in the sand, repeat.

(illustration by Ann Kelle’s / 2015 Copyright)

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craft day: DIY notebooks

July 29, 2015

ann kelle / notebooks DIY

With “back to school” time upon us, I thought I’d share an easy project you might want to do with your kiddos. Earlier this summer, I met up with my crafty-sewer friend, Amanda, for a day of crafting. We met at Atamlogy in Nashville. (It was nice to get outside of my home studio and craft). The project was reaallllly simple, which is always a good thing. Amanda’s three girls came along and they were able to put together the journals with little assistance. So, I guess it’s a kid-friendly project, too!  I printed up a bunch of designs for us to use for the notebooks.  I also used spray adhesive to glue fabric to card stock paper (not shown). We used this free tutorial here. Overall, it was fun project. And I’m looking forward to my next craft day! Happy crafting! 
ann kelle / notebooks DIY

ann kelle / notebooks DIY

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back to school tutorials

July 27, 2015

school supplies sewing tutorial ann kelle

Back to school time is just around the corner! We gathered some fun inspiration and back to school tutorials to help get you ready! I hope everyone has a wonderful school year!

rainbow remix pouch tutorial
rainbow remix pouch tutorial

Although I’m not in school any longer, I still like to participate in back to school supply shopping. This year, I got a couple of new supplies at Poppin. They’re all so colorful! And their crayons are so unique.

crayons from Poppin

ann kelle girl friend backpack

rainbow remix pouch tutorial

Tutorials and Patterns:
Toddler Backpack Sewing Pattern PDF by Made By Rae
Open Wide Zipper Pouch DIY Tutorial by Noodlehead

Here are some other back to school tutorials :
Cardigan Sewing Pattern
Pencil Case
Notebook Cover
Drawstring Bag

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new pool party invites

July 22, 2015

pool party invitation / ann kelle

Boy, it has been SUPER hot and humid in Nashville this summer. It has me seriously wishing I had a pool.  If you’re hosting a pool party this summer, be sure to check out these new invitations I designed for Tiny Prints. I hope you’re having a having a great summer and staying cool!

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new remix knit

July 20, 2015

ann kelle remix knits

What better way to “remix” my Remix fabric collection than to offer it on knit!  The fabric collection offers 6 different designs in three different color ways.  I can’t wait to see what you guys will make.  Happy Sewing!

ann kelle remix knits
ann kelle remix knits (more…)

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free wallpaper downloads

June 29, 2015


loops-wallpaper-yellow 485

Loopy-doopy-doo.  Here is another wall paper download. Fill free to tag me on social media (#annkelle or @annkelle), so I can see it in your computer space.

bluedropimac485-1 copy

loops-wallpaper-pink 485


Download Yellow Loops HERE

Download Pink Loops HERE

Download Mint Green Loops HERE

(artwork by Ann Kelle / Copyright 2015)

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color crush: tangerine

June 22, 2015

Color Crush Tangerine/annkelle


I had a lot of fun putting together this color crush.  Who knew tangerine could be so fun! Have a great week and make time to play!

(photo by Lulu)

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free tutorials: ready, set, go

June 10, 2015

ready, set, go sewing tutorials / ann kelle

Ready, Set, Go (Part 2) is now in stores! Here are some free tutorials from Robert Kaufman featuring this line. Oh, and check out this room decked out in Ready, Set, Go! Happy Sewing!

Free Ready, Set, Go tutorials:
Mode of Transportation Quilt
Round the Block Free Pattern
Stop N Go Pillow Set

(top and middle photo via Craftsy; bottom photo via Robert Kaufman)

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napkin tutorial

June 08, 2015

napkin sewing tutorial / ann kelle

Summer barbecues and picnics are just around the corner! How about adding a little color and fun to your dinner with colorful napkins. I was in search for some summery napkins, so I knew my new Rainbow Remix prints would work perfectly.  And boy, they turned out so happy!  You can find this free tutorial here.

napkin sewing tutorial / ann kelle

napkin sewing tutorial / ann kelle

napkin sewing tutorial / ann kelle

napkin sewing tutorial / ann kelle

napkin sewing tutorial / ann kelle

napkin sewing tutorial / ann kelle

(photos by Lulu)

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the girl friends / donut fun

June 05, 2015

donut worry be happy / ann kelle

(This year I’m sharing monthly illustrations of The Girl Friends.  See all of them here: January / February / March / AprilMay)

Happy National Donut Day! Donuts are one of my favorite sweets. I’ve eaten them, thought about them, drawn them, and even floated in them. So, with today being “donut day”, I thought it would be fun for the girls to get decked out in their donut attire complete with hair clips and sunnies.  I hope your day is full of lots of sprinkles and maybe even a donut. Have a great day!

(illustration by Ann Kelle)

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get crafty: diy crowns

June 03, 2015

diy birthday crowns / ann kelle

My Princess Life fabric collection is in stores now! It’s been great seeing some of the things being made with them.  To go along with all your awesome princess sewing projects, here’s a roundup of some of my favorite DIY Crowns. Perfect for birthdays or just because.

Pipe Cleaner Princess Crown
A crown made out of pipe cleaners? Very creative.

DIY Paper Cup Crowns
These are so cute! I’d totally wear one! Find the tutorial here.

diy birthday crowns / ann kelle

Design Love Fest put together several different types of birthday crowns. See all of them here.

(Top photo: DIY Felt Birthday Crown)

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summer fun

June 01, 2015

summer fun / ann kelle

Happy June 1st! I’m so excited that summer is just about here! More sunshine is always welcomed.  This is going to be a summer full of fun for me! Sure, there will be other things mixed in (i.e. work!), but I’m purposefully pursuing fun. I’d like MORE craft days, learn something new, go to the lake, etc. I’ve already got a couple of things scheduled and it’s left me absolutely giddy!  How about you? Any summer-fun plans?

(artwork by Ann Kelle)

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color crush: citrus

May 28, 2015

color crush citrus/ ann kelle

Citrus-yellow is a such a fun color. I don’t nearly have enough of it in my house, but it’s still a color I crush on from time to time.

(photo by Kelle)


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the girl friends / bloom

May 26, 2015

the girl friends bloom / ann kelle

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birthday bash inspiration

May 25, 2015

girl birthday party inspiration / ann kelle This board is centered around this invitation I designed for Tiny Prints.  How cute are those balloons? And the cupcake toppers are so fun. There’s so many great crafty ideas out there!

Find all the party inspiration ideas below:
Birthday Party Invitation
DIY Paper Straw Birthday Candle Cupcake Toppers
Pennant Flag Paper Garland
Number Birthday Felt Party Hat

Blue Polka Dot Napkins

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free wallpaper download

May 21, 2015

hearts download green/ annkelle

heart-wallpaper-green-downloads/ annkelle

Here is another wall paper download.  Fill free to tag me on social media (#annkelle or @annkelle), so I can see it in your computer space.

hearts download iMac purple/ annkelle

heart-wallpaper-purple-download/ annkelle

Download HERE Mint Green Hearts

Download HERE Purple Hearts

(artwork by Ann Kelle / Copyright 2015)

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free tutorials: urban zoologie minis

May 19, 2015

urban zoologie mini sewing projects / ann kelle

We rounded up some patterns using the Urban Zoologie Minis, including a free quilt tutorial.  Happy Sewing!

Urban Zoologie “Mini” Patterns:
“Play Time Dress” by Oliver and S
“Candy Dish Pillow Pattern” by Jay Bird Quilts
“Seeing Spots Quilt Pattern” by Robert Kaufman

(photos via Robert Kaufman)

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new “this and that”

May 04, 2015

this and that by ann kelle

A new fabric collection that will be shipping to stores this month is “This and That.” This will be the third release for this collection (1,2). “This and That” is all about my favorite things. It comes in two main color stores (Adventure and Spring), with 3 selected prints in solo color ways. I hope you enjoy it! I can’t wait to see what you make with this new fabric group.

this and that by ann kelle

As always, it was hard narrowing down the color options (especially on the tennis shoe print). I had a bunch of fun drawing these sneakers.

this and that by ann kelle

You’re a gem! (Just in case you didn’t know) The jewel prints is one of my favorites.

this and that by ann kelle

The new prints include tennis shoes, jewels, handbags and bows. The one above is the Spring color way.

ann kelle

I kinda have a thing for tennis shoes, especially mint green shoes.

this and that by ann kelle

This is the adventure color way. (The jewel print is actually in the “ruby” color way, but I thought it looked good with the other fabrics.)

remix fabric by ann kelle

Bows make an appearance in this fabric collection. You know how I adore bows . . . for proof, see here, here and here. I’m thinking it’s time for another “bow” tutorial in honor of my admiration.

this and that by ann kelle

Patterned purses and clutches are always great! West Oak Design made this clutch out of my Remix triangle fabric. Totally smitten!

remix fabric by ann kelle

(all photos by Lulu, except for top and sneaker photo)

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hello, friday

May 01, 2015

confetti by knot and bow

Thanks so much for all your blog feedback. You guys had some great ideas! Someone mentioned missing my list of things I’m thankful for. So, Beezus, this is for you . . .

Here are some things I’m thankful for:

– I finished a design project I had been working on since December. It was all consuming. And I am so thankful and overjoyed it’s done, guys! The day after I turned everything in, the tension that was in my neck and shoulders was gone.

-peace and quiet

– my Mama celebrated a birthday this week. I was able to spend part of the day with her and my family.

– light shining through the trees

– my Grandfather was in the hospital earlier this year. I am so thankful to God he is doing well and is reunited with my Grandma.

– the sound of a baby giggling

– an afternoon walk

– a time of rest

(photo found via Knot and Bow)

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color crush: pink

April 30, 2015

color crush pink/ annkelle

I remember my first blog post about the color pink and I still feel now the way I felt back then.  I still heart pink.  As the years have passed I have collected by share of pink treats.  So here are a few of my favorite items!

(photo by Kelle)


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the girl friends / dance

April 28, 2015

ann kelle's girl friends

It’s been fun sharing monthly illustrations of my Girl Friends. (See all of them here: January / February / March). For this month, I thought I would also share the inspiration behind the drawing with you.

Several years ago, my friends and I (whom the Girl Friends collection is based on) were together in New York City. It was our last evening and we decided to do some “touristy” type of things and walk through Broadway Street. All of a sudden, without warning, it started pouring down rain. (Like “cats any dog” kind of rain). If you know New York, you know that Broadway Street is a super busy area.  We tried rush to the nearest shelter, but with the crowds, it was nearly impossible. So, there we were. Drenched. From top to bottom.  We couldn’t get out of the rain and there were crowds of people everywhere! With the sound of taxis honking their horns, lights from the buildings glaring into our eyes, and loads of people on the sidewalks, I was about to panic. We looped our arms into each other so we wouldn’t be separated from the enormous crowds.  Somewhere, in the midst of this stormy, chaotic situation, one of us made a joke. Instead of being annoyed at the situation or mad that our hair and clothes were soaked, we laughed. I remember laughing so hard, I could barely walk. I forgot about the downpour. I looked up at the sky and let the rain pour down on my face. And instead of running from the rain, I embraced this moment with my friends. There’s going to be storms in life, but God always seems to make it better. Maybe it’s through good friends and laughter or perhaps a stranger provides an umbrella. Whatever it is, He’s always there. And instead of hiding from the rain, you’ll want to dance!

(artwork by Ann Kelle / copyright 2015)

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feedback and a giveaway

April 23, 2015

remix triangle fabric giveaway annkelle

It’s spring cleaning around here! So, today I’m hosting a fabric giveaway of ONE YARD of my Remix Triangles. The winner gets to select which color way they’d like. There are five color ways to choose from: black, red, blue, gray and green.  As I spiffy things up, I’d also like to do the same to my blog space. So, I’d love to hear your feedback! To enter simply leave a comment letting me know what you’d like to see more of on the blog. The deadline to enter is Thursday, April 30th at midnight.

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black and white party

April 21, 2015

black and white party/ annkelle
Planning your next birthday celebration? We created this fun inspiration board centered around my Cake Cutout design.  (I also designed this black and white birthday card, too!) You could always keep everything black and white, but I like adding little pops of color here and there. When selecting colors, I pulled from the back of the card which has colorful stripes.  This card also comes in blue, pink and gray.

Find all the party decor items here:

Personalized Birthday Invitation
Black Stripes Scalloped Cups
Onyx Treat Bags
Number Piñata
Balloon Animal Cake Topper

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