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October 21, 2013

fabric garland / ann kelle

A few weeks ago I had an inspirational party for my Super Kids line. It was so MUCH fun! (More on that later). One of the things I made for the party, was this SUPER easy garland. I used random fabrics from my Remix line, as well as Kona solids. ┬áIt turned out so cheery that I just had to share it with you. This garland would be a great addition to your birthday party, baby shower or wedding. There’s tons of tutorials out there, but below is how I made mine.

fabric garland / ann kelle
My fabric strips were 1 (1/2) inches wide and 46 inches long. I started with a little over 1 (1/4) yards of fabric.
1. To make the strips, at the top (raw edge) of the fabric, use scissors to cut 1/4 inch slits every 1 (1/2) inches.
2. Tear where each slit
3. Take two pieces of fabric and tie them on your twine, rope, etc.
4. Repeat until you have the desired size of your garland
Told ya it was easy!

fabric garland / ann kelle
fabric garland / ann kelle
(photos by Simply M Photography)

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    Very Cheery! A fun idea – thanks!