fabric sighting: penguins

December 12, 2012

penguins fabric sighting / ann kelle

I spotted lots of festive handmade goods made with my penguins. Perfect for the holiday season!

(1. mug rug by Little Bug House 2. gift bag by Gooses Bags and Gifts 3. pencil case by linda 4. fabric storage bin by Lucky17  5. bunting by Sugar Owl Design 6. skirt by Sweet Pepper Grass)

posted by kelle at 10:12 am
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  1. Terri says:

    Love the penguins. I made my daughter a backpack with the blue snowmen fabric on the outside lined with the pink penguins on the inside and used a coordinating red fabric to tie it all together.

    Did you see the Christmas Capital One commercial with Jimmy F. And the little girl that always says “no”? The chair she is sitting in is covered in the green snowman fabric. I love it!

    • kelle says:

      Eek!!! I saw the very end of the commercial a week ago . . . only seeing a tiny glimpse of my snowmen. I’ve been trying to figure out what the commercial was for the past week. Thank you so much! Mystery solved. And your daughter’s backpack sounds so adorable! I would love to see a picture. Thanks again. Gonna go call my Mama and tell her about the commercial.

  2. Carmelle says:

    Just after I swore to reel in my Christmas fabric hoarding, I saw your cute penguins and snatched some up! I should learn to not make such ridiculous goals! Thanks for featuring my bunting.