(free) snappy pouch pattern

May 19, 2014

snappy mani pouch 2 / ann kelle

I collect pouches. They help keep everything organized, plus they’re pretty. These little pouches are no exception. They’re cute on the outside and once you open them, there’s even more cute! It has storage for your nail polish, as well as a pocket for your manicure and pedicure tools. Anna of Noodlehead did a great job making these. These two pouches feature fabric from my This and That collection, as well as Remix.  Find the free tutorials here: Snappy Mani Pouch and Snappy Mani Pouch 2 .

snappy mani pouch / ann kelle


(photos from Robert Kaufman)

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  1. Lee says:

    What a cute pouch! thank you for the tutorial~ I also wanted to say thank you I am excited I was the winner in the 100 blocks giveaway!

  2. thelma. says:

    it wouldn’t open for me to get pattern. not sure why.

    • kelle says:

      Hi Thelma, The link provided takes you to Robert Kaufman’s page where the pattern is located. Once you click the link, it should be automatically download onto your computer. I just tried it and it worked perfectly! I’ll also follow-up with you with the pattern in an email. – Kelle