NEW Girl Friends Party Fabric

August 22, 2017

My parents were always good for celebrating our birthdays.  At the very least, we’d have “cake and ice cream” with the family. (And by “family,” I mean all of my Mom’s sisters + brother, my cousins and Grandparents). They always made it special, still do actually. This fabric collection is about all things party – confetti, party dresses, streamers and of course, presents. This fabric collection also includes a panel of the Girl Friends celebrating.  (You might remember that I shared the a picture of the Girl Friends at a party awhile ago. It was sweet that we were able to turn it into a panel.) But, let’s talk about the fabric print of the dresses, shall we? The party dresses were my favorite to draw. I got my inspiration from vintage dress patterns. This style of dress attire is my absolute favorite. I would wear each one of them. Proudly add them all to my closet, if I could. Pretty party dresses are the best. Anyhow. This fabric is a ton of fun with lots of color. It ships the end of August. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

(photos by Kelle)

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  1. Mary Ann Scanlon says:

    Such a fun collection! And the party panel is perfect, all of my grand daughters will happily see themselves at the party. ❤️💙💚💜💛💝