(new) urban zoologie flannel

October 20, 2014

urban zoologie flannel by ann kelle

We’re adding more of my Urban Zoologie prints to flannel! These flannel prints are great for cozying up to during the colder season. Also, check out this FREE quilt pattern featuring the new flannel prints. I got to visit this little quilt last week while in LA and I noticed that flannel really makes for an extra soft and cozy quilt. ┬áThis fabric ships to stores today, October 20th!

(photo by Kelle)

posted by kelle at 9:10 am
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  1. Laurie says:

    Such beautiful designs as always as well as my all time favorite whales! Love the flannels!

  2. kelle says:

    Thank you, Laurie!

  3. Paul Wells says:

    This is beautiful and I hope to make the same for my home.These patterns are identical in their own respect. These days I am learning how to quilt with hand and machine and slowly but surely I have learned so many designs and patterns but still I have not perfected it like you seem to have. Currently I am working on a leaf pattern and after that I am going to make this one. You can follow this link at http://www.warpandweft.ca/blog/ for more quilting information and tips.