Sewing Project 2: A Skirt

July 26, 2010

This is my new skirt. It’s the first article of clothing I’ve ever sewn. I chose the Remix Stripes  for the fabric. My teacher waited until AFTER I finished the project to inform me that stripes can be somewhat difficult to work with. Oh well. It took a LONG time to complete (I’m embarrassed to put how long), but I kept reminding myself that I’m a beginner sewer. Hopefully, next time it won’t take as long. Key word: hope.

{photos by Ann Kelle}

posted by kelle at 2:07 pm
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  1. Ann: I just had to stop by and tell you how much I LOVE your fabric. So I finally googled your name hoping you had a blog. And in scrolling through, I realized how much of YOUR fabric I have in my stash! Wow. I just love it so much. Metro Market should arrive in my mailbox tomorrow. I can’t wait! I make items incorporating selvages and I thought I would add a line of aprons to my etsy shop and that entire line is just begging to be made into an apron with a selvage edge incorporated into a pocket somewhere. Thanks so much for your great designs! And if you are ever interested in a pincushion made out of selvages from your different fabric lines, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  2. gigi says:

    Kelle, do you remember the pattern you used here? I have to have it. 🙂 It looks so simple. I know first time around a bit hard, but I can figure this baby out. Please share. Would love to know. xo, gigi

    • kelle says:

      Hi Gigi! I just checked my pattern box and could’t find it. I think my sewing teacher had me use one of her patterns. Sorry:(

      • gigi says:

        No, worries. I found something similar this weekend and I am hoping it will look just as cute as yours. Thanks for checking Kelle.

        btw love the new flannels. Wow!