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October 16, 2012

washi tape wall / ann kelle

It’s no secret that I’m wild about stripes. Not only will you find them in many of my designs on both stationery and fabric, but they’re also on my wall! My washi tape wall is one of the many house projects I’ve worked on since moving.

washi tape wall/ ann kelle

There was no method or plan to washi-ing my wall. I just got a chair, grabbed some tape and got to work. I didn’t measure anything or sketch out the color scheme for the stripes. Whatever color I reached for, was what I put up next. It felt a lot like designing. Some of the stripes came out uneven, which I’m fine with.  Washi tape is so forgiving. I was able to pull it off and on as many times as needed. The only tape I had problems with was the yellow striped tape, which I ended up using rubber cement to secure it to the wall.

washi tape wall / ann kelle

It’s been a little over a month, the tape hasn’t fallen off and I still haven’t grown tired on the stripes. They’re the perfect punch of color and happiness!

(photos by Kelle)

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  1. LOVE this Kelle. Would be fantastic for a nursery too. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Nice job! Definitely brightens the room!

  3. kelle says:

    Thanks, Erin. It would look good in a nursery.

  4. Oh my goodness! I adore this! I would love to sleep in a room like that. Such a fun way of using washi tape 🙂

  5. So awesome! Love the colors…so bright and happy!

    (Would you mind if I share these images on my blog?)

    • kelle says:

      Thank you. Yes, you are welcome to use the images on your blog. I just ask that you give credit/link back to the post. Thanks!

  6. mercadeo says:

    I’m like other people here; I wanna know where Americans can buy this so I can bookmark it for my next living space. Hopefully, it’s a house that I can stick washi tape on and not worry about trying to peel it off.

    • kelle says:

      Here are some places you can find washi tape online:
      – etsy stores (Pretty Tape and Little Happy Things)

      Hope that helps!

  7. Kristyn says:

    My heart is all a flutter! What a clever idea. I may have to borrow it!

  8. Christine N. says:

    I am so captivated by how vibrant and awesome this looks! So now that it’s been over 3 months since you posted (I guess 4 since you created your masterpiece), I’m dying to know how it’s holding up. I’d really love to try this, but I’d be so bummed if it just peeled up on its own. I am SO inspired!

    • kelle says:

      Hi Christine, Thank you for your sweet comment! It’s holding up great! Just make sure you smooth the tape out to get excess air out. You’ll be happy to know that since this time, MT Tape has launched a line called “MT Casa”, which is great for home decorating. I didn’t take any close-up pictures. But, in the blog post, I did include pictures of the tapes I used, which shows the various patterns. Some have dots and stripes. Hope this helps!

  9. Christine N. says:

    Aargh! I forgot to ask if you took any close-up pictures? I’d love to see the detail close-up. From afar it looks like solid colors.

  10. I LOVE this! Time to get some washi tape for my empty wall.

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  12. Wow, love this! What a fun way to play with temporary design! Wouldn’t this be interesting on a ceiling…

  13. love this idea! so pretty! i know some of those comments are a couple old, but have you guys seen all the washi tape target has? i’m not sure how the quality is compared to other brands, but it may be a little cheaper for a big project like this 🙂

  14. Kelly F. says:

    I love this idea!

  15. Debie Grace says:

    This is very cute!! <3

  16. Amy says:

    Oh, that is lovely.
    I am planning on repainting my daughter’s room soon-ish. what a fun wall!

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  21. jodi says:

    love this!! it looks so great.

  22. Monika says:

    SUPER cute! Mydaughter has decided that her room will be identical to this. Love it!!!

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  24. eileensideways says:

    great idea for an apartment whose walls you can’t paint

  25. Kate says:

    Did you double the stripes of washi tape? It looks thicker than the washi tape I have. I have also heard of industrial washi tape which is a lot thicker. 🙂

    • kelle says:

      Hi Kate! Yes, I doubled the washi tape to make thicker stripes. I have the thicker washi tape, but I didn’t use it on this wall. It’s the equivalent to about three rows of washi tape. Hope that helps!

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  27. Ashley says:

    You inspired me to make my own Washi Wall!! I love it. I’m about to post how mine just turned out on my blog!

    Thanks for the awesome idea!

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  32. Jen says:

    What a clever idea! It looks beautiful!
    I have a question about removal, if you wouldn’t mind answering. Does it peel paint or leave marks when removed? I’d love to do this but we’re in a rental so I’m hesitant…

    • kelle says:

      Hi Jen, Thank you! I haven’t removed the tape yet. It’s still up! (I’m in a rental as well). But, I did put wash tape in another room, which I ended up removing. It was easy to remove and didn’t peel the paint. The only concern I might have is if it’s in a room that gets a lot of sun exposure. The sun could possibly cause fading to the wall, and when the tape is removed there could be marks . . . but, that just a guess. Hope that helps! Kelle

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  34. Shannan says:

    I love this! I’m absolutely doing thus in my daughters room. Is each stripe pretty close in height to the 50mm MT casa tape from From the picture it’s hard to really gauge how thick the tape should be. How many rolls did you use on one wall? Thank you so much for the idea.

    • kelle says:

      Hi Shannan, Thank you! I used the 15 mm washi tape, but each ‘stripe” is doubled in order to make a thicker stripe. I’m not sure how many rolls I used for the wall. I didn’t run out of any colors, so one roll per color. All the best to you in your daughter’s room! Kelle

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  39. Lisa Gresham says:

    Where do you get the tape? Do you have to order or is in at Hobby Lobby or Lowe’s maybe? I am looking for ideas to do with my granddaughters bedroom that is 11 and wants a grown up room. I want to do one focal wall. This would be great!!!

    • kelle says:

      I’ve gotten my washi tape from several different places (etsy stores, craft stores and even Target). You can do an online search and find several stores that carry washi tape. I’ve also listed some places in previous comments on this blog post.

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  43. Trinity says:

    I think your washi-wall is awesome! My daughter is in love and wants to do it for her room now. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  44. Lisa says:

    love it! Thinking it will look great in my hallway

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